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About Dennis Ryckman

Dennis has been working as a professional musician and music & media producer for over 25 years. He has played for several South-Western Ontario bands, and has performed at numerous high profile shows and music festivals. Dennis has enjoyed some international, national and regional radio airplay as both a writer/performer and as a producer. He has also worked as voice talent for numerous video projects.

Dennis writes, performs and produces Country, Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock, and Symphonic Rock. He also produces and records voice talent and audio post-production for video. Dennis currently produces video and audio for a number of YouTube channels ranging from in-studio video documentation to childrens entertainment shows.

Dennis also records and produces audio podcasts, such as the internationaly popular drumming podcast Both Sides Of The Kit with Tony Bouma, which he also co-hosts.

Dennis is a student and enthusiast of Medieval Martial Arts. He likes everything about airplanes and flying, and dabbles in website development. Dennis also spends time as an amateur nature photographer and identifying animal tracks/sign while hiking.


Producer And Studio For Hire

From his three room studio, Dennis records and produces anything from solo/duo singer/songwriters to multi-piece bands; from simple 2 mic live off the floor, to complex productions. He is a multi-instrumentalist and can provide full band backing for projects as needed. One room of the studio is equipped for 4k video recording, with multiple set capability, adjustable lighting and high quality audio capture.

Dennis can provide recording and media production services for almost any budget. Contact to discuss your recording and production needs.



In The Studio With Dennis Ryckman (ITSWDR) Video Sample

Ask about a recording package that includes being featured in an ITSWDR episode!



Recording Audio Samples (320Kbps MP3)

Daddy's Always Here - Whistler Creek
(Produced and Performed On)

Better Man - Shawn Cowan
(Produced and Performed On)

Rough Around The Edges - Shawn Cowan
(Co-Wrote, Produced and Performed On)

Inch Deep - Lynn Hickey
(Produced and Performed On)

We See It, We Like It - Dennis Ryckman
(Wrote, Produced and Performed)

Let Love Grow - 28 Left
(Co-wrote, Produced and Performed On)

Reality - Dennis Ryckman
(Wrote, Produced and Performed)